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Dental Bridges in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Illustration of dental bridgeOften called a “fixed bridge” or “fixed partial denture,” dental bridges are frequently selected as a permanent way to replace missing or damaged teeth. Porcelain is the material most often used in the construction of a bridge as it is strong and can be made to match the colour and smooth texture of your teeth, therefore ensuring that the new dental hardware looks perfectly natural.

In many cases, the porcelain is fused to a metal bridge for added strength, but because the metal is encased in porcelain, it is not visible. Once constructed, these porcelain teeth are held in place by attaching them to the teeth surrounding the missing one or ones.

What to Expect

Site Preparation

First, Dr. Clark prepares the teeth surrounding the missing tooth or teeth for crowns by shaving away just enough to ensure that the crowns can be firmly put in place. These crowns will be securely attached to the dental bridge and so hold the unit in place.


After the surrounding teeth have been prepared, Dr. Clark will determine the exact size of crowns and the precise size of the bridge necessary to best fill the gap. This evaluation will ensure that the new piece fits perfectly, in both proportion and alignment, with the rest of your teeth. This part of the process is critical. Making sure of a proper fit, that your mouth closes and brings your teeth into contact at exactly the right place, will protect the joints in your jaw and optimize the functioning and comfort of muscles involved in mouth movement.

Custom Fabrication

Next, these dimensions are sent to a dental lab where they will be used to fabricate the bridge to fit precisely in the space specified. In the meantime, Dr. Clark will install a temporary bridge using a light adhesive so that you will be comfortable for the time it takes the permanent bridge to be constructed.


Once the bridge arrives, Dr. Clark will fit it to your mouth to ensure that it is a perfect match and that your teeth meet together comfortably. He will then permanently cement the bridge in place, firmly anchoring it to the surrounding healthy teeth.

Your Best Smile Starts Here

When cared for properly, you can expect your bridge to last approximately 10 years. And to help you get a long, beautiful life out of your dental bridge, Dr. Clark and his associates will work with you in your efforts to maintain a healthy smile.

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